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11 Things No One Tells You About Starting a Blog

So you do all your research, planning and organizing to get your blog up and running. Mean while thinking you have it all under control only to start blogging and find out that you wasn’t quite ready like you thought you was. There’s so many things no one tells you about starting a blog that would be so helpful.

I wish I would have searched more on the things people do not tell you about starting a blog rather then jumping in like I did. Going into blogging I know there’s always going to be new things to learn. In addition to the mistakes that are going to be made, like every job (That’s right I called blogging a job) it comes along with the good and the ugly. Not everything is rainbows and sunshine unfortunately. If it was, there would be a lot more people blogging.

The things mentioned on the list below are things I learned the hard way. I wish that I would have came across more post like this one, informing you about the little things you didn’t expect when starting a blog. Enough talking let’s get into it.

11 Things no one tells you about starting a blog

things no one tells you about starting a blog: time

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

1. The amount of time you will invest

Blogging is very time consuming I do not think I could stress this one enough. You will spend a lot of time researching, learning, planning, organizing, writing, editing and much more. Personally I would have planned and organized a lot more if I understood the extent as to how much time you will invest in blogging.

With that being said a plus side on that is you will get what you put in. Meaning the more time and effort you put into your blog the more likely you will get those readers, subscribers and followers you are looking to attract. 

2. It’s hard work

When you tell someone you are a blogger a lot of them assume that you sit behind a computer type some words and get paid too much. If it was that easy then why haven’t they started one right. It’s not all peaches and cream it takes a lot of hard work, effort, time and dedication.

There will be days that you spend your whole day or whole weekend in front of the computer screen researching, creating pictures, managing social media accounts, planning for future post and much more. 

3. Takes dedication 

I would say dedication and a lot of it. Blogging is something that you have to be dedicated to. It is hard work and very time consuming. I’m not saying make blogging your whole world and sit in front of a computer screen the rest of your life, but its not something that just happens over night. 

If blogging is something that you know you are not going to stay dedicated to, then you are probably wasting your time. Which leads me to whats next on the list.

4. Be consist

This is something that everyone will tell you to do. I had to speak on it because it is something that is really important for your blog. You have to be consist with your post. Your readers are going to expect new content regularly. You do not want to disappoint them.

If you don’t have much time then post once a week or every 2 weeks. As long as your readers know when they can expect new content. Instead of posting all week then going missing for a month then posting every other week. 

Having wild post (what I call them) will not keep your readers returning.

5. Traffic

street crossing traffic

Photo by Ryoji Iwata on Unsplash

Getting traffic to your blog can be pretty hard if you are only depending on Google searches. With today’s world revolving around social media you should take advantage of it and use it to your abilities.

Using different social media platforms you can help you promote your website and drive traffic to your blog. Try commenting on other blogs and leave your website address, use hashtags, post frequently, use keywords, and care to find out what your readers want.

A little tip don’t worry about what people are going to think, stay you and be honest. Get involved with your readers, be social, post consistently, collect emails and the rest should fall into place.

6. Don’t go tag happy

Use tags and hashtags, however do not over do it. I know I’m guilt of this, but seriously who wants to look or try to read something with a million hashtags on it? It is not a good look. 

Again it’s OK to do it every now and then, but every post on Instagram should not have 100 tags.

7. Satisfying 

You know that amazing satisfying feeling you have after you accomplish something you have worked hard on? That’s the feeling you get after seeing your blog post getting views and shares. When people read your blog and they return it’s a even more amazing feeling

It’s such a amazing, satisfying & great feeling you get, it makes all your hard work and effort worth it. This is one of the good things no one tells you about starting a blog.

8. Do NOT obsess

Something no one tells you about starting a blog is don’t obsess about stuff. There’s so many things I can name that you probably are going to obsess about, but shouldn’t (Don’t do it, it’s a trap). Here’s a list of some of some things you should not obsess over when blogging.

Do NOT obsess about the following:

Other blogs – Do not obsess over other blogs because they may have been blogging longer and/or have more experience. It’s nice to check out other blogs, see how their website is set up and how they do things. Just do not obsess about them, you will get there. 

Views – Keeping tract or looking at your views is something you do want to do. Use it to see what post & pages get the most views or see how many views you get in a week. Just whatever you do do NOT obsess about it because it will drive you crazy. In other words there’s no need or reason for you to check your views 10 times in a hour.

Proof Reading – Everyone tells you to proof read before you publish your post. What I feel like they forget to mention is don’t get obsessive about it. Spend 20 – 30 minutes looking over your blog post. Proof read it, make sure it flows, fix any spelling and stuff like that then post. Don’t keep reading to make sure its 1,000 percent perfect. If you obsess about it you will never publish it.

The Blog It’s Self – Give your eyeballs a break and step away from the computer. When you start your blog you are going to want to know everything that there is to know about blogging. Which I can completely understand but you do not want to be sitting a the computer for 20 hours watching YouTube videos, reading blogs, editing your post and watching your analytics.

Remember nothing is 100 percent perfect and neither are humans. So don’t obsess about trying to make sure its everything on your blog is completely obsessively perfect.

9. Blogging is not free

Sure you can have a small blog on blogger or which are free platforms. However, if you are looking to make blogging a full time job you’ll have to pay for a domain, hosting and more. For example if you want to take and edit your own pictures, more then likely you will buy a editing software of some sort. Maybe even buy other programs to help you along the way. At the end of the day blogging is not free.

10. Email list

You read about it and hear it on almost every YouTube video about starting a blog. “Build your email list”, “It will help your business in the future”, “You will need this email list” and how “This email list is so important”. What people do not tell you is what to do with this email list.

So you have been collecting emails like everyone has said to do. Now what do you do with them? Use them! Make sure to interact with your email subscribers rather then just collecting emails and doing nothing with them. If you need some suggestions try sending out newsletters, emails on what may be coming up on your blog, ask your readers questions and send out polls. To sum it up use their emails to your advantage. It will help you keep your traffic while gaining more, and it let’s your readers know you’re a real person just like they are.

11. Learn Seo

Finally, last but not least what no one tells you about starting a blog is take the time to learn Seo. It will help you rank higher on google when people search for keywords you may have used on your blog post and bring more traffic to your site. It’s something that is well worth your time to learn and get to know more about. You can find some awesome blog post online about what Seo is, how it works and how to use it.

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