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Have you ever been interesting in product testing for companies? If you’re anything like me and like to try new things out especially for free then you are where you need to be.

Hi! I’m here today to let you in on how you can test out products and even get paid. Some companies pay you to test out their products that you get to keep. Others you will be able to keep the product in exchange for your opinion. Sound good right.?

Grocery store product testing

Product Testing

The Pink Panel

Pink panel gives you the opportunity to test out beauty, cosmetics and personal care products. Go to their Facebook page to sign up for their consumer control panel.

MindField Online 

MindField gives you opportunities to test products and earn some extra cash. You can sign up at their site it’s quick & easy to get started. They allow you to cash out after you collected $5 in your account. Answering surveys and testing products with this company is fun, easy and a quick way to make some extra money.


Ipoll is not only another boring survey site. You can earn cash quickly. I’ve done a good bit of product testing doing surveys through this site. There’s been times I’ve gotten paid to watch commercial free TV shows as well

ViewPoint Sampling

Go sign up its very simple. However after you will receive emails with different products you maybe interested in testing. Fill out the little quiz with your information and a few questions. If you are selected first you will receive an email to confirm your address. It’s a way for them to make sure you are still interested and that your mailing address is correct. After if they select you you will receive another email and your products in the mail. Good luck and have fun.

If there’s any other site, tips & tricks you would like me to post more on/or about just shoot me a comment or message.

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