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11 Opportunities for Stay at Home Moms to Make Money

Being a stay at home mom and having the opportunity to still make some money is amazing for some. It’s hard out there to actually find a way to be able to to do both for other moms. Either because lack of resources, worrying about being scammed or you don’t want to put up money upfront. Which all of those reason are really legitimate reasons as to why you probably haven’t started. I’m going to talk about a few opportunities for stay at home moms to make some extra cash.

There’s so many ways to make money at home without being scammed or putting out money upfront. I skimmed the internet for hours, talked to others and also from personally experienced. I’ve put together a list of ways stay at home moms can make some money. Even if your not a stay at home mom or parent.

I’ve talked a little about a few apps and survey sites last month in this article Money Making Tips & Tricks for Online. Feel free to go check it out as well as my Product Testing for Companies and Sites article. I’m just giving you a few suggestions if you are interesting in any of them I would definitely research a little more on it to make sure it’s something you are really interested in.   

opportunities for stay at home moms

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11 Opportunities for stay at home moms


Blogging was on the top of a lot of list I seen while searching the internet on ways to make money as a stay at home parent. Making money blogging is very possible. There’s so many people out there that have some amazing courses, videos and articles to teach you everything you need to know to get you started as well as teach you along the way. The earnings from this all depends on how much work you put into it.

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Everyone know what YouTube is right? If you are someone that doesn’t mind making video content this maybe for you. Most youtubers monetize their videos to make money off them. Some go even further then that. They sell merchandise, courses and and much more. Having a Youtube channel and a blog is even more money. This to is something that the more work you put in the more money you can make from it.

Free Lancer

Owning a blog or youtube channel is not for you then you might be interested in doing some free lance work for people. If you are a good writer people are always looking for people to write interesting blog post for their site. Not only are people looking for writers but they are looking to hire free lancers for a graphic design they need, data entries, do translations for videos or websites, make a app and much more. Free lance jobs can vary anywhere from $5 to $50 dollars a task maybe even more.

Online Tutor

If teaching or tutoring is something that interest you then maybe you might want to try becoming a online tutor. People and sites are looking for tutors for toddlers up to collage students. Everything from English to French to Algebra. This is something that does pay very well. I’ve seen post looking for tutors willing to pay $15-$50 a hour depending on the course they need tutoring on.

Selling Courses

There are hundreds of thousands of searches a day of people looking to learn how to do something or to learn something new. You could be that person to show them how or teach them what they want to know. It’s something that you can do on your own schedule at home. The income you can earn from this is all up to you. 


Being a mom as you already can be stressful. One of the biggest stresses from working mothers are finding a trustworthy daycare or babysitter. With everything that’s been on the news and in the media about the dangerous stuff that being happening with these babies and children is extremely scary. Some mothers do not have the choice to stay home with their children. People are willing to spend a lot of money to make sure their children are in healthy, safe and in a trustworthy place while they are at work. If you have a love for children why not start babysitting. Babysitters can earn anywhere from $100 – $160 a week for one child.


Are you one of those people that are never seen without a camera in their hand? This is your calling. Depending on where, how and what photos you are selling depends on how much you make. you can create your own site to sell your photos from or sell your photos on other sites. you can sell your pictures anywhere from $1 to $20 if not more.

Sell Items/Open Shop

With the world at your fingertips you are now able to sell items online and not even have to touch the product. Drop shipping has been getting more and more popular as the years go on. Its a way to make money if you don’t have the room to store items or want to buy products and get stuck with them if they don’t sell. Earning vary.

Maybe you are a craft person and have a passion for it. You can definitely make some money making and selling crafts online. One site I would recommend for selling crafts and things of that nature is definitely Esty.

Virtual Assistance

A Virtual Assistance yes you read that correctly. People are looking for people to do everything. Simple task such as handling their E-mails to writing and handling their website for them. From what research I done it looks like it pays very well with a yearly average $50,000 yearly. Now I’m not saying that’s what you will be making. That’s saying it is possible to make.


Businesses  and individuals are always looking for bookkeepers and people to file their taxes. Having a few really big clients can make you a decent living. Like all the other jobs on this list its not a set income. The most clients you have the more money you make. Which to me that’s kinda the best part. You decide how busy you want to be.

Taking Surveys

Taking surveys is not a way to make a living. I would not recommend this one if you are someone that’s looking to make a living. This is more for people that are just looking to make a few dollars in their spare time. Some are not worth the time and are scams so be careful. There are a few that are worth it. I have a link above to a article I posted about some sites and apps that I personally used and have been paid from.

Work Hard to Earn More

Most of the ways you find to make money online are not set in stone. The harder you work at something the more you will succeed from it. Don’t give up if you start something and you don’t see much progress from it at first. It may take you months or a year but you will get there. 

Just a little tip watch out for scammers. They are all over the internet. If something looks suspicious go with your gut. Do your research first it is well worth your time and you can learn so much.

If you tried any of these I would love to hear about your experiences. Leave a comment or send me a email. Make sure to go follow me on social media. You can find my E-mail address and social media accounts at this link here.  

I found these to be some good opportunities for stay at home moms.

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