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Great Money Saving Tips

There’s millions of great money saving tips online and you can find them any & everywhere. So here I am giving them to you again. Why you ask? Because sometimes we don’t really realize how much money we can save just by saving napkins from fast food restaurants for an example.

When it comes to saving money and budgeting one thing we all need to understand is the difference between wants and needs. If you can take your wants & needs seriously then you can defiantly learn to budget and save money.

An example- Netflix, eating out, or getting your nails done every week is NOT a need it’s a want. Once you understand the difference, you will have saving and budgeting your money under control.

Here’s a list of money saving tips that you can try out. If you have any other suggestions please leave a comment below and let us know about it.

Tip, use cash instead of cards when possible. For instance if you’re shopping at a store. There have been many studies that have proven people tend to spend more money when paying with a card vs. paying with cash. 

Money Saving Tips Everyone Knows

money saving tips

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Saving Money on Food

Using Coupons for food items or any item that you are already planning on purchasing is common sense. Everyone knows to use coupons right?

Don’t Let Fruits & Veggies Go Bad, freeze them. An example is with peppers. If cook with peppers and you’re not going to use the whole thing. Cut it up, put it in the freezer and next time all you have to do is pull them out the freezer. Frozen fruits and veggies make awesome smoothies, you can use them for cooking and many other uses. 

Make Coffee at Home. I’m sure you’re thinking oh (bleep) no, I’m not giving up Starbucks (by the way I’m not hating on Starbucks I to am guilty of this one) and 80% of people kept scrolling after they seen the word COFFEE I’m sure.

But, all jokes aside seriously making the switch from buying at coffee shops to making coffee at home can save you money. Depending on how you like your coffee, where you buy it and where you live will factor how much you spend on coffee. As well as how much your drink. Switching can save anywhere from $100 to $1,000 a year.

Taking Your Lunch to Work will help also. It can get costly eating out 5 days a week. The average person spends anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000 a year eating out for lunch when working. Bringing your lunch can cut that price nearly in half.

Ordering Your Groceries Online & Picking them up will save you more money then you think. Ordering online saves you from the temptations of purchasing items that you did not intent to buy. Because lets face it we all do it. Going into the store for something and leaving with everything but the one thing you originally went there for. I know I can’t be the only one right?

Money Saving Tips When You Do Eat Out

Fast Food Apps are great, very useful and can save you tons of money when you do eat out. A lot of places now have apps to download on your phone that offer coupons, deals and sometimes free food. I did a article a few weeks back on Free Fast Food. If you are interested in it feel free to go check it out and learn more.

Save What You Receive From Fast Food Restaurants. I’m talking save napkins, condiments, utensils and anything else that’s useful. Saving these items do indeed come in handy, saves time and much more. They can be used when packing your lunch for work, it defiantly helps save forks from not returning home. Napkins and plastic spoons come in handy when you are out and about with your kiddos.

Free Samples

Find Free Samples Online. Companies are always giving free samples away to customers. Best part, most of the time it’s free shipping too. There’s bloggers that search the internet and find free samples for you. They make it really easy and simple for you.

Simply go to any search engine, search free samples and they are everywhere. Find the samples you want, fill out your information, you may have to check your email after (not all the time) and wait for your samples to arrive. I went ahead and found some sites below that post new samples every day or though out the week.

Use Apps

With the way technology is taking over we might as well take advantage of using Apps. There’s apps that will give you coupons to scan, some give you a percentage of your money back that you spent, and much more. If you aren’t already using any check out some of the ones below

Shop Online When You Can

I’ll give you two reasons why you should Shop Online. One, so you’re not tempted to buy other items like I mentioned earlier on. Second you’ll be able to use promo codes that you could not use in a store. On top of the promo code make sure to use Ebates to get a percentage of your money back to save more. Which bring me to what’s next.

Use Promo Codes. You can find promo codes everywhere. All you have to do is search an example Targets (store name) promo codes and there you are. I would suggest looking around and not just using the first one you found. 

If you don’t feel like going through the hassle. There’s apps and extension you can add to your internet browser to make it easier. One I personally use is Honey. They do all the work for you. At checkout they scan all the promo codes for that site to find the one that’s going to save you the most. Honey will save you a lot of time.

Save on Redbox Rentals

Never pay full price to rent a Redbox movie. About 99% of the time I use a promo code of some sort. It’s very rare that I can’t find a code to use. Pay attention to the codes because some codes will have restrictions.

Looking for more great money saving tips? Be on the look out I will be posting more very soon. Also don’t forget to like, share & remember you’re amazing.

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