Free Samples Shipped to Your Door

Ever wonder how people get free samples shipped right to their door? Well I’m here to let you in on how you can too. Its easy, simple and so much fun receiving stuff. I will say only down side is sometimes it does take a few weeks after filling out for you item before you receive it. Who can complain when it’s free right.

There’s so many companies giving away samples to promote their brand and items. I’ve even emailed a few companies told then how much I love their product and if I could get any coupons. Most of the time they respond back asking for my address. Some buy one get one free and some were a dollar off. They would send me a few that I could combine to get the item completely free or just pay tax.


Samples Sites

There’s a good bit of blogs and sites already out there that get updated everyday to let you know where you can go to get free samples. These are a few that I personally use myself.


Most of the samples are absolutely free with free shipping. No credit card information needed. Which to me is the best part. Go give it a shot what do you have to lose? 

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