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9 Legit Product Testing Websites

Getting Paid to try free products out is amazing right? Now how and where to start are probably you’re next questions. Today I’m going to tell you a little about Product testing. As well as give you a list of 9 legit product testing websites that I personally use.

I’m not going to sit here and tell you that you’re going to make hundreds of dollars. Or that you will be getting hundreds of products because you probably won’t, at least not right away.

I’ve been with these product testing websites for a year now. The past 4 months I’ve tested 5 products. Maybe 11 through out the whole year.

How to qualify

Chances are you will have to fill out a survey. Taking these surveys helps companies determine if you qualify to test the product. Making sure the product is relevant to you. Which makes sense.

For an example, they are not going to send you diapers when you don’t have kids or kids that age. Nor send you coffee when you don’t drink it.

Companies use some of the following ways to determine if you qualify: 

  • Location
  • Age
  • If you have children & their ages
  • gender
  • interest
  • & much more
product testing websites

How much can you make

Getting paid to test products varies. I find that most of the time you can earn $3-$15. I’ve talked to people who have made more but the most I’ve ever made was $15 testing one a product. 

If you receive a a big item such as a carpet cleaner for instance, some companies let you keep the product and some don’t. Obviously if you receive soap or diapers they are not going to want it back. 

Where & how to sign up

All you need to do is go to a product testing website and sign up. After signing up fill out your profile. A few of them are more of a survey taking site then product testing. So you can make a few dollars also. Most sites operate differently then others and if you are interested in any of the sites below, you can visit their site to learn more.

Tip – Sign up for a couple of them. You will have a better shot of getting more products that way.

Let’s jump right into the list. 🙂

9 legit Product Testing Websites

I personally have tested products from these companies. Don’t give up it may take you a week or a few months before you get your first product.

If you are not testing a product at the time you can make some extra money by answering surveys on the sites as well.

Try Inbox Dollars for another way to earn some more money.


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